The House of the Dead

One Night 3 students were found murdered in number 9 Stanley Road. Now 2 years later, 14 years old Eliza West and her best friend Jess Stone, are going to unravel the mystery. But what they don't know, is that house isn't a normal house, and both their lives are at Stake.


1. The Mystery

I stood there, beside my best friend Jess, waiting for whatever the teacher had to say.

"Today, 2 years ago, 3 students were murdered, Olivia Brent, Casper Williams and Madeline Evans, today we are going to have one minute of silence, to pray for them, and show us our respect" Mrs.Arch, our head teacher exclaimed.

"Same as last year" Jess whispered to me.

"I know, I wonder how they died" I whispered back, in a louder tone.

"Ms West, Ms Stone, would you like to tell us what you were talking about" Mrs. Arch asked. Everyone turned to us, I flushed red in embarrassment.

"About the murder, it happened on number 9 Stanley Road, and no one ever found how they died" I mumbled.

"Enough, you will not go near that house, it contains many mystery, that you should not meddle in" Mrs.Arch yelled.

"But" Jess exclaimed.

"nothing, you will not go do anything, to solve the mystery, understood" Mrs. Arch ordered.

"Yes Miss" we chorused back, crossing our fingers. Just then the bell rang, Mrs. Arch told us to go, one by one out. When she pointed at our class, Our teacher Miss Samson walked out, followed by the rest of the class.

"She never said, we could, she said we shouldn't" Jess mumbled.

"I know, I mean that house must have a mystery, and it would be so cool if we solved the mystery" I mumbled back.

"Let's check the house after school" Jess whispered. I nodded my head, in agreement.

"What are you whispering about" Miss Samson asked.

"Nothing" we lied together.

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