Hidden Love

Alexa and her family are very poor, her mom hates her and wishes for Alexa to die. Her father on other hand loves her and wants her to be safe. Alexa doesnt care if she isnt safe all she wants is her baby brother and sister to be safe. Alexa falls in love with Harry styles who falls in love with her too. Alexas mom doesnt approve of Harry because she hates how much he is caring for Alexa. Alexa's dad tells her to leave this house and live with Harry which she does. Harry isnt supposed to date non famous people but he doesnt care because he loves Alexa with all his heart. Management makes Harry date this famous girl and Alexa somehow finds out. Alexa is done being hurt so she thinks the best answer is to kill her self. She slits her wrist and Harry comes home sees her bleeding on the floor.
Does she die? or live find out.


19. Day 6 beginning

Alexa's P.O.V

Harry bought me a whole new wardrobe! I can't believe he did that for me. He even carried all the bags for me he wouldn't even let me hold a small bag.

"Alright lets go home I have a treat for you" he said in a weird tone.

"Haha ok" I put on a cute laugh and grabbed for Harry's arm. He's so muscular he could seriously kill someone.

It's the beginning of December yea i know I wore like shorts a lot it's only because it was warm outside for some reason. Anyways Christmas is on it's way!

"Babe look up its snowing" I said to Harry we stopped and looked at the snow fall in the night sky.


We was home finally and Mrs.Kristie was still there watching the kids. Harry told me to go change into something fancy. So I ran upstairs with Mrs.Kristie who is going to help me with everything.

"Alright sweet heart go find a dress" I looked inside my closet finding a rack of dresses I never had before they was brand new!

"Did you buy these?" I ask her Mrs.kristie nods her head while smiling at me. How sweet of her to do so.

I picked out a white dress that was down to my knees that had a black waist part. It was flowy like a formal dress or summer dress. It also was strapless. I loved it! I had a small charm bracelet with it and my nails was painted French white.

Next up was my hair. Mrs.Kristie curled my hair in this wand thing which made my hair really soft and shinny. Even though my hair is a brown color it still had a shine to it. We put the curls in a cute ponytail.

Next up was my make up. We got out a smokey grey and white for my eye shadow. It was supposed to blend which makes me look really pretty. For my lips we applied a light pink ish peach ish lip gloss. Put on dangly diamond earrings. Applied mascara and eye liner. I put my dress on and I looked in the mirror almost crying seeing that I looked like a little winter princess. As in for my shoes I wore black heels that had a little bow to it. Those shoes made me 5"7" so I'm 3 inches shorter then Harry haha. I also had a small silver like hand purse to use.

"Thank you so much!!!" I hugged mrs.kristie and headed down the stairs to Harry.

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