This is about the animal that I think would represent my spirit or soul. Zebras!
*This is going towards the Alyson Noël competition*

1. Zebras


The animal which would represent my spirit or soul would, be the zebra. ‘Why a zebra?’ I hear you ask. Well, let me explain. Zebras are very astonishing and creative animals which have a lot of meaning behind them.

One of which is that zebras represent individuality. Every black stripe on a zebra is unique in their very own way; kind of like our fingerprints. Zebras all look the same to a predator who can’t identify individuals in a herd. However within a herd, each zebra can identify another from its stripes, because no two zebras are the same; kind of like a snowflake. Therefore blending into a crowd without losing your individuality is one powerful talent of a zebra, just like me.

A zebra also symbolizes the balance of opposites, just like the ‘yin yang’ sign. Its striking black stripes are equal to the soft white skin they have underneath. From my opinion, I think it means a person can both see in black and white, meaning they can see both sides of the situation, and are not biased. They are always fair and equal, which I think I am. So I am like a zebra in many ways.

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