The Cliffhanger

A mysterious classic story inspired by Private Peaceful by Micheal Morpugo.
It's about a person falling of a cliff etc.
Please, please feedback on how you think its going. I know chapter one isn't that exciting but this book has the classic build up and problem and I'm afraid the first 2 chapters or so are going to be like that. sorry!

It may be a bit complicated as it will have many flashbacks (i think...) :D

Please answer this question if you don't have anything to say: What do you think of Anna?

Thanks you're awesome!


1. Introduction

It wasn’t my fault she fell. It was hers. Wendy was to serious to play silly games like most people. We played a game what I made up called ‘Be a…’, I told her to be a sky diver on of she ran. Far past our school at the edge of town, past the Farm where I went when I was younger, right to the edge of our local area: The Cliff. She peaked down at the ground bellow, all what there was the river going out to the Pacific ocean. “Do you think its safe?” Wendy shouted over the gust of winds.                                       

I said: “Of course its not!” annoyed by her stupidity. She could’ve of stayed in the garden acting like a piece of Jelly.

“But you told me to be a Skydiver!” She whined still panting for breath. I tried hard not to shout, she’d hate me if I did. I continued to slowly walk close to her to tired to properly move. She skipped to me as if to say ‘Ok!’ but it was only to drag me along to the edge and offered me to go first and jump off. I frowned at her puzzled whether she really meant it or not.

“Lets go back to my house now” Firmly to her looking right through her pale green eyes. I grabbed her hand and encouraged her to run with me home. It was to late for me to notice that I was holding her mittens, it was a cold windy day as normal. I looked back to see her face smiling widely with glee about to jump off.

“Look at me Anna, I’m A skydiver!” Wendy said spinning of the edge. I leaped onto the ground and managed to just get hold of her dainty wrists.

“GET UP!” I yelled at her. I couldn’t keep my anger in any longer.

“But- it’s too late you can’t pull me up! What if this was ment to happen?W-what if it is fate?” She asked now started to create some tears.

“Of course it’s not fate! None of this was meant to happen! Why didn’t you just come with me! It was just a silly game!” I softly told her .

“But, this game lead me to my death. Only if you told me I was going to die-“ It was to late. I slipped my hand and she fell. I rose petrified too frightened to scream, my legs felt paralysed. I just watched the most painful moment of my life with my own eyes and terrible, terrible guilt…                    

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