A Devine Life

(Also on Wattpad.com) I guess I'll start off with my name. I'm Jade Avery Andrews. I'm a dancer in mind, body, and spirit. Fun fact about me: I have serious commitment issues. I am afraid to love because everyone I've ever loved has left me. Everyone, that is, except for my best friend, Celine. She is the only one I will ever love again. At least thats what I thought. Then, I met Josh Devine.


1. Great News!!


     My car roared to life as I put the key in the ignition. I put my seatbelt on and set off. I drove the familiar path to Celine’s flat while bobbing my head to the radio.

     When I got to the building, I went to Celine’s floor and walked into her door. I made my way around her spacious white and pink flat. I found Celine in the living room playing her guitar. “Writing another song?” I asked her. She seemed a little startled by the sound of my voice but she didn’t jump. “JADE!!” she yelled and leaped up to hug me. “Hey Celi! You act like we haven’t seen each other in weeks.” She giggled. “It’s been twelve whole hours!!” She replied matter of factly. “So what’s the great news you were talking about?” I asked. “Well, you know my new boyfriend?” she started. “You mean the one I haven’t met yet and the one you talk about 27/7? Yeah I know him.” She laughed and then continued. “Well he and two of his friends are going to the Ed Sheeran concert…and he got two extra tickets for us!!” I jumped up from where I was sitting on the couch. “WHAT!? We’re seeing Ed Sheeran!?” I yelled. She nodded and we both started jumping up and down squealing. “Thanks to my amazing boyfriend.” She said. “Oh yeah! I get to meet him and see if I approve.” She smiled. “I know you’ll love him!” Celine’s past boyfriends weren’t exactly ‘good guys’ so I was worried what he would be like. “When’s the concert?” I asked her. “Saturday” she replied, still excited.

*3 days later (Saturday)*

     I pulled up in front of Celine’s flat again. I walked into her apartment and found her in the bathroom doing her makeup with her music blaring. She saw me walk up behind her in the mirror. “Hey. Are you ready to go?” she asked while putting her makeup away. “Yes! I cant wait! Are we meeting your boyfriend there?” I asked. I still didn’t know his name. I remember her telling me, I just forgot. “Yeah. Uhh… we’re meeting him at the backstage entrance.” She replied casually. My jaw dropped. “im sorry, did you just say backstage!?” I asked in excitement. She nodded. “Oops. Did I forget to tell you?” I hit her in the arm playfully. “Let’s go.”

     We got into Celine’s car and I turned on her ipod, which was connected to her car speakers. I hit ‘play’ and the first thing I heard was ‘I’ve tried playing it cool…’ I looked over at Celine and she blushed. “My boyfriend put it on there, I swear!” I rolled my eyes. “If your boyfriend puts One Direction songs on your ipod, we have bigger problems.” She shook her head. “It’s not like that…it’s…ugh! You’ll see when we get there!” Of course, I had no idea what she was talking about, but I just let it go…for now.

*A/N: What do you guys think so far? Who do you think Celine's boyfriend is? Also who read my other Movella? Please comment, like, and favorite. <3 Oh! And today Joey Cottle said he loves me on twitter and he follows me now!! yay! follow me on twitter: 1direction_1der and you can kik me and tell me what you think: 1direction_1der ! (Same name for Instagram) Thanks guys! ~1direction_1der

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