I Still Love You...

Austin(Ali) has a rough past with many things to haunt her. When a certain boy band comes around, she makes a best friend, and an enemy. She finds herself living the high life with these boys, until one phone call that rips it away and sends their life into a spiral of love, hurt, loss, and forgiveness.


1. Prologue

How did I get here? A year and a half ago I never had even heard of one direction... Now I'm laying, curled in a little ball, crying my eyes out in Liam Paynes living room.

I shouldn't be here. I should be at the studio, dancing. I should be with my family. However, I can't go anywhere without raising questions from Liam. Who just walked in the door.

"Austin?" I hear his footsteps getting closer. 

I have to break this off.

This realization hit me like a ton of bricks were just dumped on my chest. He can't know what I just found out. He can't be around me when I'm going through this. I know what will happen. It will be bad press for him and the boys. I won't bring them down like this.

"Austin? What's wrong?"

His voice snaps me out if my daze and I suddenly feel the warmth of his body beside me. Lifting me onto the couch. I look into his beautiful brown eyes 'how can you do this to him?' the little voice in my head pleads. I don't want to do this to him...

"Liam"  Is all I manage to choke through my sobs.

"shhhhhhh" I feel him rubbing my back, soothingly. "it's ok... I'm here. You'll be ok."

My last thought before I drift into a restless sleep is 'Im gonna miss this.'


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