Ok guys so these are going to be imagines! If you want me to write one about you and your favorite One Direction member just comment and leave your name, what you like to do, eye color, the name of the boy you would like me to write about, and anything else you would like in your imagine! I will have then up within a few days or even that day possibly (most likely that day, depending on school:)! I hope you enjoy them!


1. Niall- sweet_cheeks47

You and Niall have been dating for a few weeks now and you couldn't handle all the hate. It was eating you away. 

"Is something wrong love?" You didn't want to worry him so you faked a smile and said,

"No. Nothing is wrong." You felt like such a bother. He is THE Niall Horan, and you are just a little nobody that got lucky enough to meet him. "Niall I am going for a walk."

"Do you want me to come with you?" Again you faked your best smile,

"No I just want to go by myself for a bit." You kissed him on the cheek and walked out. Once you got outside all the tears you fought so hard to hold in came flowing out. You ran to the nearest park and climbed a tree, so you could be away from people. You just sat, and thought, and cried. Niall tried calling. You just let it ring. He called again, and again, and again. Finally you just turned off your phone. You leaned your head back against the trunk and sat and thought 'Your so stupid Emma. He doesn't love you. He deserves some big star, not something like you.' It's been over an hour and a half so you decided to turn your phone back on. You had 12 missed calls, 18 texts, and 4 voicemails all from Niall. They were all 'where are you' and 'I'm worried about you' but there was one voicemail that stood out to you and it said,

'Emma I know that you are at the park where we first met. I am coming to talk to you because I knew something was wrong. I should have never let you leave by yourself. I'll be there in a little bit. I love you.' You hung up and closed your eyes. You tried to stop the steady flow of tears.

"Emma!" You look down to see Niall with a bouquet of your favorite flowers. "If you don't come down, I am coming up!" You climb down out of the tree, but you couldn't face him, so you look down to the ground. He lifts your chin and stares deep into your blue eyes. "Emma please talk to me." You pulled away and whisper,

"I don't deserve you and you deserve better." 

"What are you..."

"You should go be with some big star. Stop kidding yourself." He forced you to look at him,

"Emma listen to me and listen closely. I love you and only you. The is no better than you. Ok? Never ever feel like that. You're beautiful, amazing, talented, and the best attribute is that your my one and only." You smile as he wiped your tears away gently with his thumb.

"You promise?"

"Forever and always." as he brought your lips to meet his, while you thought that you have the best boyfriend in the world.

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