New guy..

Sarah is now going to university with her boyfriend.. When she then realizes she chose the university NIALL HORAN goes too now. Niall is very popular being as famous as he is & Sarah has never like being in the popular crowd. Shes been more of an outcast with little friends but were very close to her.. Now will justice bring Sarah & Niall together while Niall fights for her attention? KEEP GOIIING>


1. New school..

*Sarah's POV*
It's my first day of school at university, I'm so exited. I'm spending the next years with My boyfriend, Mick. He & I have been together since we were 16 & now we're 18. It felt pretty good to know I had someone like him, he was always good to me & I plan to be with him for a very long time. 

It was now 8:45am & school started at 9. I pulled up in my car to see many people all crowded in one area of the parking lot.. Probably one of those groups that think they're all that. I stepped out of the car, grabbed my bag, flung it over my shoulder & started walking towards the doors of my new home. I was going to be living there in a dorm with Mick because we both lived far away from the school we didn't feel like driving 3 hours to & from school everyday so we rented out a dorm. I walked up to the desk & told the lady that I was a resident now & my name. She gave me the key & I headed for my new apartment. It took me a little while to find it but I managed to eventually. Once I got there I turned the door knob to see if it was unlocked or not,  & t my surprise it was open. I opened the door & stepped inside. "Hello?" A voice called from one of the rooms.. From the kitchen I think. I recognized that voice anywhere. "Mick?" I answered. All of a sudden I see him running out of the room & straight towards me. He ducked down a bit put his arms around my waist, picked me up & swung me around. "I am so happy to see you right now!" He said then putting me down. "Same, I've missed you even though it's only been 3 days it's felt like 3 years!" I Laughed. He looked down at me with a cheeky grin on his face then planted his lips on mine. Once he pulled away he hugged me again. "Let me look around yeah? I still haven't seen the place!" I laughed. "Right, right.. But first I want you to meet someone." He said.."Okay.." I said a little confused. He held my hand & walked me to the small kitchen that was now a part of our new home. I looked in just to see a boy about as tall as Mick standing in front of us.. I recognized him from somewhere.."Sarah, this is Niall, you've heard of him yeah?" He lied, I know very well who Niall is.. From One Direction. I've never really loved there music & I avoided being sucked into the 'fangirling' as they call it. "Hi.." He said awkwardly.. "Hello." I said blankly. Why was he here, hes world famous & hes in my kitchen. "So, how did you guys meet?" I asked. This was weird. "Oh Mick helped me out of a big mob of girls.. He brought me here so that wouldn't happen." Niall said.. So that's what that big crowd was in the parking lot. "Okay then." I walked around the apartment to figure out where everything was while Mick & Niall talked. Mick must be pretty proud of himself talking to someone as big in the music industry as Niall.. Why would Niall come here? To CANADA to go to university. I found my room & put my bags down. I sat on the bed for a moment hoping it would be comfortable. Lucky for me it was.. I then got up & went to the kitchen where Mick & Niall were still talking. I didn't like that Niall was in our kitchen. He seemed like one of those preppy, cocky famous guys. I've never liked those people.. That's why I ended up with Mick, cause hes a very chill, laid back person who's musically inclined like me.. I play drums.. Niall was obviously musically inclined but not with the kind of music I'm into.. I like a lot of genres but pop & rap stuff isn't one of them. I sat down at the table with Niall & Mick. Mick could very much tell that I wasn't happy with Niall here.. But he almost seemed to ignore that. "So..Niall...What made you come to university..In Canada eh?" I kind of snapped.. "Oh well.. I wanted to try something new.. I needed a bit of a break so I came here." He said nervously.. Almost like he wasn't sure of it. Then Mick butted in.. "OK so Niall I think the mob is probably on the other side of campus looking for you.. Shouldn't you find your room?" I could tell that Mick wanted him to go as well.. He wasn't being rude, he just knew that I wanted to be alone with him. "Right well, thanks for having me!" Niall said.. "Anytime bro." Replied Mick.. Now they're 'bros'? Great. I didn't want to get involved with a lot of people & Mick becomes friends with probably the most popular guy at University.


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