Its Been A While

Sophie has been friends with Harry Styles for a long time. They go to school together, live in the same apartment, and even do the most ridulous things together! But these past few years Sophie has developed feelings for him. Can friendship turn into romance?


1. School

Sophies P.O.V

I love school, I have to admit. But only because of my best friend Harry Styles. I love him, but as a friend. He is sweet, kind and caring. He always compliments me, and sometimes I even wonder if he'd ask me out. But I know he wont. We just friends, right?

The bell rang for lunch and I quickly made my way to the lunch hall. I saw Harry and his friend Niall standing by the door. I ran over and jumped on Harry. I was shortly followed my by other best friend Lilly, who was dating Niall. Any one would think that me and harry are dating, but were not... were just good friends!

"Hey, Sophie! I missed you!"

"Shut up Hazza! Hey can I come to yours tonight?"

"Yeah, sure why not? Hey Soph, do you mind if Niall comes?"

"Naw, not at all!"

I playfully punched his arm and walked to my last lesson. Afterwards I ran to find Harry outside the school gates. I came up behind him and screamed at him. His reaction was priceless! After we found Niall we got in the car and headed for his. What we didn't know was that our lives were about to change...


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