I would

When I heard this song on youtube I instantly had this idea! Haha xx Sammi


4. Chapter 4

Harry's POV

I saw a long scar about 6 inches located on Sammi's arm, I guided my finger across it "Sam, what's on your arm?" I asked concerned.

"Uh..Chase did it, about a month ago." she mumbled.

"What?! Why?" I asked as I put a shirt on.

"Well, thats when he was drunk and well he tried to do what he did earlier, but failed and I slapped him and well he cut my arm." she responded, as tears fell down one by one.

"He cant hurt you anymore...he is gone now. Babe, I love you." I admitted, as I leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, before I could pull away she pulled me back. I guess she loves me like I love her. My hands rested on her hips and her's on my neck, I sadly pulled away still wanting more but I remembered we were still at Liam's flat.

"Lets go to my flat now, are you ready?" I asked.

"Ya.." she responded in awestruck...I wouldnt blame her though, that kiss wasnt like a normal 'oh hey' kiss it was more like an 'i love you so damn much' kiss...it wasnt pushy or anything, but what it demonstrated was that bestfriends can fall in love no matter who the hell it is...girl to guy...guy to guy...or girl to girl.

I lead Sammi to the car along with her suitcase. As I opened the car door a note came out, Sammi caught it and began reading it...tears falling rapidly like never before.


Sammi's POV

As I was reading the note, tears were coming out of my eyes left and right.

~* Sammi-

You are still young and you have 6 best friends that love you so damn much, but not as much as me and your mum love you. Baby girl, I cant handle the fact that your mum has been gone for 3 years, and now you are hanging out with all your friends who love you so much...Sam, please dont forget me. I see the way that you and Harry look at each other, its like the way me and your mum looked at each other when she was alive, go get him baby girl. I love you and im doing this for the both of us...see you in heaven baby girl. Love always, Daddy*~

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