I would

When I heard this song on youtube I instantly had this idea! Haha xx Sammi


2. Chapter 2

*Sammi's POV*

"Awe babe! Come here!" I said while chuckling. Yup my boyfriend Chase fell on his butt again, while sliding on ice. It is currently January 1st, New Years Day. Tomorrow we get to go back to school, just what I have always enjoyed *sarcasm*.

"Stop laughing at me!" Chase chuckled as he stood back up. I held him, making sure he wouldnt fall again. Me and Chase have been together for the past 3 months. Not a single kiss yet...not a single 'I love you' either.

"So where do you want to go now? Wanna go over Harry's?" I asked him as we began walking in some direction...not just any direction, but an unfamiliar direction...hmmm whats going on?!

"I just wanna have some fun!" he exclaimed as he pinned me to a tree and began kissing me...roughly...I tried to stop him, but he only got worse.

.......20 minutes later.......

So Chase just leaves me here after all what he has done to me...let me tell you it was torture, I never wanted that...never, but I got that alright. I quickly gathered my items and ran into some cottage that I found in the forest where Chase left me. I barged in, and found Liam and his family having dinner...Liam turned to face me and his smile faded. He quickly took me inside and into his room.

"Sammi, what happend?!" he whisper shouted in concern.

"Chase...he...he..." I stuttered out.

"He did it didnt he? Awe Sam, im sorry. Where is he?!" he asked.

"He...he...left me...his last words were 'Your no fun, so were done' then he left..." I choked out as tears poured down my face like never before. I was already in my clothes thank gosh...Liam pulled me into a hug, as he rubbed my back. Just then Karen (Liam's mum) walked in.

"What happend?" she asked clearly concerned as she closed the door.

"He did a sick thing...he..he...raped me." I mumbled against Liam's chest.

"That douche! Sweety, you have to break up with him." she demanded as she pulled me away, making me look into her eyes.

"He already broke up with me." I said. Then I heard Liam on the phone talking to Harry saying that he has to hurry his butt here at the cottage.

"Guys im scared." I said as tears began to fall again.

"We will help you through this, you are only 13 years old...are you going to tell Shelby and Ryan?" Karen asked.

"Can I use one of your guys' phone?" I asked. Liam nodded and handed me his, as Karen left the room leaving me and Liam alone. I quickly dialed Shelby's number, and she instantly picked up.

"Hey, who is this?" she asked.

"This is Sam, im using a friend's phone...but me and Chase broke up." I said as tears came down my face.

"Sam, he is not worth your tears after what he did." Liam said as he rubbed my back.

"Sammi, what did he do?" Shelby asked concerned.

"He...he...he...raped me...." I responded.

"Sammi can you hand the phone to your friend?" she asked.

"Ya sure- Liam she wants to talk to you." I said and handed him the phone.



*Shelby's POV*

As I heard the phone being passed all that was running through my head right now was 'im going to be wanted all across the world'.

"Hey, this is Liam..." I heard Liam say through the phone.

"Hey, can you watch over Sammi? Ryan is on a business trip right now...and well im going to deal with this shit head." I asked.

"Sure...so starting tonight?" he asked.

"Yes...thank you so much. Tell Sammi that I love her." I said.

"Sammi, Shel says that he loves you.- Ok, she says love you too bb. See ya." he said as he hung up...and now this was my chance to kill that douche.

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