Best friend's best friend

After Kat meets her best friend's best friend,Austin,she instantly falls head over heels for him.Her cousin moves back from London and stays with her.But there are problems along the way.Kat soon
finds out Austin is dating one of the mean girls of Clearwater High School.Kat finds out everything about the crew and all their little secrets.But as she grows closer to Austin and his friends,Austin's love life falls apart.Not because of him,but because of Kat.Will Kats feeling for Austin grow,and will her friendship with the crew fall apart.Read the story and find out ;)


4. Super Sarah


I splashed my face with water to try to make the redness in my face go away.It help a lot.That is until I started crying again.I really liked Austin,and I think everyone noticed I did A lot.I sat down on the bathroom floor and started crying even more.I put my face in my hands and just cried."Kat,what's wrong??!!!"I heard a familiar voice say as the bathroom door  slammed shut.I looked up with my tearful eyes and Sarah was standing infront of me.She helped me up and hugged me."KittyKat!What's wrong?""Alex didn't tell you?""Tell me about what?""Elysia" "What did she do to you?!I will kill her if she hurt you!I swear to god!""Well get your gun ready because she hurt me.BIG TIME." The bell rang for lunch and we could hear all the high schoolers  yell down the hall. "C'mon lets get you washed up then we can get some lunch,"Sarah said to me as we walked over to the sink.She splashed icey cold water on my face then handed me a piece of paper towel to dry my face with.I wiped my face off then threw the paper towel away.I was about to walk out,but Sarah grabbed me by my wrist and pulled me over to the mirror."Kat.You are beautiful. Any guy would be lucky enough to even talk to you.Austin can tell you like him,but he's that kind of guy who likes it if the girl tells him how she feels.And Elysia is just jealous that you are  a trillion times prettier than her.She saw the way Austin flirted with you.Trust me.You understand??" I nodded my head. "Now.Give me a smile." I flashed her a smile and Sarah smiled too."That's the spirit!Alex is waiting for us!Come on!" She hooked arms with me and we walked to lunch.
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