Little Things

Sarah Loves One Direction!
Will She Watch A Twitcam?
What Will Happen When She Comments?
Who Will Call Her?
Will She Go On Tour?
Will She Sing?
The Little Things Matter.....

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12. The Next Day... The Date!

Sarah's POV

I woke up it was only 9 AM. So I took A shower. I blowdryed my hair straightened it, and put make-up on.

I went back into the room it was now 10 so I decided to get Niall up.

"Niall" I put my hand on his abs. "Niall get up." i said.

"What?" He asked.

"Please get up i'm bored."

"Okay fine." He winked.

He got up and went to the bathroom. He took A shower and blowdryed his hair. He came out. His hair was quiffed. It was hot. "So what time do you wanna go out tonight?" He asked. "Uh I don't care whatever is fine with you." I said.

"Okay how about 8 tonight." He asked.

"Yeah thats great!"

"Lets go hang out with the boys then." he said.

"Okay!" I said.

We walk down to Louis' room and Harry and Zayn were there so we went in and sat down. It was now 1 PM. "Hey guys what are you doing?" Niall asked.

"Nothing we were just talking about going to eat lunch wanna come?" Louis asked.

Niall looked at me and I shook my head "Yeah we'll tag along!" Niall said. "Okay sound good. where do you guys wanna go?" Harry asked. "i don't care." I said. "How about that one Italian place?" Niall said. "Yeah sounds good." i said.

So we went down to the lobby and got in Harrys car. i sat next to Niall and Zayn. Louis sat it front. Liam sat in the very back.

Man I love these boys so much. I hope to be really close with them in the future. Liam's so sweet. Louis is just hilarious and also sweet. Zayn oh he's so adorable and very sweet. Harry I love his hair he is the sweetest thing. They all are sweet and adorable. Niall he is so sweet funny cute and flirty I think i'm falling for him.

Its almost their first show coming up I was excited. I guess I was staring because Louis waved his hand in front of my face "Sarah."

"Oh sorry I was just thinking." I laughed.

"It's alright love." He said. We were almost there.

"So Sarah what's up?" Zayn threw his arm over my shoulder playfully. "well nothing really what about you?" I said putting my hand on his knee. "Well just being a little nervous about the first show huh boys?" He asked

"Well that's normal I'm sure you guys will be great and i also can't wait!" i winked at him. he winked back.

We finally got there. When I got out Niall helped me down. "Thanks." I smiled. "no problem." He said.

We went in and sat at A table. We all got chicken alfredo. "Thanks guys for this." i said. "No problem." Liam said. The rest of them sort of dittoed it as they were stuffing their faces.

We all finished and we sat there for a minute to make sure everyone was done. "is everyone ready to go now?" Harry Asked. We all nodded.

We got back in the car. Sitting in the same places. it was mostly silent the way there. except for when Niall farted. He blamed it on me! "What is that smell boys?" Louis asked. "Niall!" Liam yelled. "It wasn't me it was Sarah!" Niall said innocently. They all looked at me. "it wasn't me I promise!" I said. I pushed Nialls shoulder. He looked at me and smiled putting his hand on my shoulder.

We got back to the hotel it was 5 PM. So me Niall went up the room. i went and layed down. "I think i'm gonna take an nap is that okay?" I asked Niall. "yeah I'll get you up around when?" He asked "Well our date is at 8 so 7?" I said


I layed down thinking of what would happen tonight. Would it go good? I hope so because I really like him he's adorable he's everything. I must have sat there for 5 minutes until I drifted off wandering.

I woke up to hear Niall saying. "Sarah it's 7."

"Your so cute." I mumbled thinking i was saying it in my head. "What?" He asked

"Wait I said that out loud?" I asked him.

"Yeah." He said.

"Oh sorry I'm gonna get ready now." I said "Okay." He said.

Niall's POV

When I got Sarah up she said that I was cute. She asked if she said it out loud. She's beautiful. I think tonight I may just make A move. After 45 minutes she came out. she was so beautiful. I really think that I'm falling for her. I thought I from the beginning It was her she's the one. i know.

"I'm ready" she said. "okay I said." Staring not meaning to.

"Where do you wanna eat." I asked her.

"i don't care you pick." She said.

Sarah's POV

"Uhm how about the mexican place?" He asked. "yeah thats great." I said.

So we went down and got A taxi.

We were there we sat in A booth. I got A fajita thing and he got the same. "Thank you Niall really." I said. "My pleasure." he said. I smiled.

The waitress brought us our food. Niall was done before me. But I didn't take long. "Ready?" he asked me.

"Yeah." I said. We got in A taxi. "Thank you Niall." I said grabbing his Knee. "Your welcome Sarah. i forgot to tell you how beautiful you look." He said. "Thanks Niall Your adorable yourself." I winked.

We got back to the hotel and went to the room. He locked the door. I turned around and he looked at my lips then my eyes for permission so i looked at his lips then his eyes. He leaned in our lips met for the first time it was right. he pulled my waist into him. He walked me over to the bed our lips never leaving eachothers. he layed me down and got on top of me. "Is this okay? Are we going to fast?" Niall asked.

"No I don't think so Is this gonna be our only date?" i asked

"of course not." He said kissing me.

"okay then it's okay."

He slipped my shirt off I slipped his off. He undid my bra I unbuttoned his pants. then we finished taken them off. I bit my lip. I let out A moan so did he. "Your amazing." He wispered in my ear. "thanks." I wispered back.

I think we are growing closer.

"Niall will this be the only time?" i asked. "of course not." He smiled. I got on top of him. I ran my hands through his hair. He got back on top i was grabbing at his back probobly scratching him. "Sorry" I said "It's okay I like it." He wispered. "Good."

We kissed more we finally were done he rolled off me onto the other side of the bed. "Night Babe." He said "Night Niall."

Then we both drifted off. 

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