Meeting Someone

When Caroline found out a couple years ago that she was secretly Harry Styles sister, she was fine with it. She lived with them and they were all extremely close. But when Harry gets in the band One Direction, will he forget about her and treat her as an outsider or will he remember. (Ok I am just warning you it might be short.)


1. Running Late

Carolines POV: I bolted up right out of my bed and looked at the alarm clock. 7:49. Shit I'm going to be late. I jumped in the shower quickly washed, put the towel on my head, got my clothes on and let my hair out. 7:58. Ok I have ten minutes to do my face, put on my shoes and go to school. I got my makeup done which is a brush of mascara and lip gloss. 8:00. Put on my purple converse. 8:02. By now I said my goodbyes to my mom, got all my stuff and was running to school. I got in the school right when the bell rang. Argh I'm late, but that wont crush my day becuase I am going to see my cousin for the first time in a long time. And I knew who would be running through that door any second now. BAM. The door flew open. My best friend was standing there hair everywhere and she looked like she was goin to puke. She went to the drinking fountain to get a drink. I guess i should explain myself. Well I'm Caroline, I have purple hair at the tips, my favorite color is purple, my hair is also blonde, I am a little short for my age and alot of people like me. And my best friend's name is Lea. She has dirty blonde hair and is not prissy like most girls in our grade, she is tall and she dances, and we have known each other since we were five. By the way neither of us are prissy. "You ok there speedy?" I asked her. "Yup you ready for today?" she asked me. She is the only one that knows that Harry Styles is my brother. We have all been best friends since I knew. 

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