The Top.

This is a poem I wrote in Creative Writing club, with the theme of World War 1. We were given a prompt that basically said it had to be set during the time just before they were set to go over the top.


1. The Top.

For country, for sure,
They don't have a clue of the things we endure,
I gave up on everything
and everyone, just for country to win. 

Fingers crossed that we win. 

My beautiful dear,
I'm sure this won't reach you for nearly a year,
And our beautiful daughter,
Don't tell her her father sat in trench water. 

Fingers crossed that we win. 

Remember me now,
The sweet little kiss I placed on your brow.
As I prepare for the top,
I'm sure now I've started I really won't stop. 

Fingers crossed that we win. 
I really hope that we win. 

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