Mysteries In my street


3. The inhabitants of my street

In my street, kids are always disappearing without any trace. The parents never get any notes on where their beloved children are or ransom notes or anything. The children are playing the garden one minute, you go inside to get a glass of water, you come out in less than a minute and poof. No sign of any children anywhere. Vanished into thin air. That's why me and my kid brother are the only kids on the street, except for Oliver... I found out a couple of weeks after my parents died, that about ninety percent of the streets inhabitants, aren't human. The ten percent which is human is basically being hunted to extinction. My neighbors believe I'm a shape-shifter, only Oliver and a couple of other humans know the truth about me. In figures there's only six humans- including me and Oliver. And those six have just become four. Two of us were dragged of yesterday and displayed like a freak exhibition in the center of out street- the monster version of trafalgar square. And they didn't come back human. They were mutilated and warped so much that they were almost unrecognizable. They growled at us- as if to say "They will find you even if you hide."

Occasionally a missing child would reappear- but they'd be mentally disturbed and have to be shoved in a rubber-proof room, in a strait-jacket hiding in a corner muttering rubbish about 'Gorgons' or something.

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