Mysteries In my street


5. The experience

I'm in a small cell, with no window, and apparently no door. I've calmed down quite a bit. But I still want to kill Oliver. The cell has a gloomy flickering light, that produces only a faint glow and no warmth. I'm not fed. I'm in complete isolation. And I'm cold. They didn't let me grab my sweater and pull it on. Hey. I've only been here for about an hour. And I'm already feeling miserable and sorry for myself. It's probably because of the Witches. Stupid spells. And stupid me. If only I had been more careful about who i was friends with, then maybe I wouldn't have gotten myself into this mess. "Angela." I looked up, Oliver was standing in front of me. I got to my feet. I took a slap at his wrist- but he intercepted it. "Hear me out. I promise, I didn't mean for this to happen." I growled at him. "I was tortured, for information-"

"Well you should of held your tongue." Oliver sighed and lifted up his shirt. Across his stomach there was a small thin line- a knife wound.

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