Brothers and New Beginings

The paynes love soccer and are a family of five, charlie 4, Tyler 17, Julia 16 and the twins Alyssa and Austin both 10. They have another brother liam but he was sent by are mom to x factor liam has never called or seen them. The twins were closest to liam also and now the five kids are abused but one day when the twins go on a walk they see five people playing soccer there extremly good to the twins hide in a bush and watch them play the twins make it a routin to see them play every day what hapens when they get noticed? Will one of the boys be reconized?


1. Just us

Im julia i have dirty blond hair and brown
Eyes i go to school at lake field high school
I have three brothers one sister and two dogs.
I have a pretty bad life As does the rest of my
Family jhon is are foster parent and so is
Sharon they abuse us every day when were bad.
School is just as bad we get made fun of because
Of our clothes cuts and bruises.

Im tyler i have dirty blond hair with blue eyes.
Im pretty much just like my sister are foster parents
Abuse us i get bulled at school pretty bad to. Are parents
Murdered 3 years ago we dont talk much about
But before are parents died they sent our other
Brother liam to the xfactor and we havnt seen him since

The Twins P.O.V
Austin: i have brown hair normal sized
I have blue eyes too suprisingly me and my
Sister look a lot alike we all love soccer even
Our four year old brother charlie. Me and my
Sister get abused the most because we
Take our other siblings beatings it sucks.
School is just worse but luckily me and my
Sister are in the same class! Me and my sister
Were closest to liam he was like a best best
Friend we always hung out after school together
And he was there when we were hurt. He was just
The best brother ever!!!! Then he went to the
Xfactor me and lyss were devostated! It was
Horrible but we were happy for him i dont know haow
He did though i didnt see.
Alyssa: i have brown curly hair and Blue eyes like my
Bro said we look a lot alike. Me and my bro are brave
Very brave i love him too. We never get to have fun
Though it sucks. School isnt even fun i hate im
Bullyed and so is austin i mean at least hes there for
Me. Ever since liam left we have been getting
Extra beatings and extra bullyed. Ugh it sucks

Charlie's P.O.V
Im charlie and i have blond hair i can walk not
Exactly fast though. I cant say a lot of words but
My first word was liam though he is my brother
I keep asking austin where he is and he said hes
On vacation with are real mom and dad because
I ask him a lot about mom and dad too. I can say
Ausy (austin) lyssy (alyssa) liam, juia (julia) and
Tyler i call him ty ty though and i can say a lot of basic
Words and sentences. I get hurt to because im a bad boy
Sometimes. Not fun!!

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