This is for the halloween competition. I guess most of my stories/poems are dark so im trying this out. Commenting on what you think about is would be much appreciated.


1. Beckoned

I lie down beside you so quietly and slow,
as I brace you whole heartedly warm and alone.
The heat of your body warms up this drear night,
long black eyelashes cutting off mind from light.
I guess you cant see me as I stare at you now,
stalker or lover who knows where im bound.
You said you had plans to leave me behind,
but now here we are, one of a kind.
Even though red does color the sheets,
from the wound on your side all gashed up and beat.
Your skin moans as the candles help blow,
on the tears that are black from your black eye shadow.
You look a bit sad just wait here my dear,
the cops will find you in only one year.
Time should be longer I wish I could stay,
but the night beckons me to another woman's day.
Ill start off with smiles and then slowly beckon,
the next woman's heart into my life of happiness.
I hope she lasts longer then you my dear girl,
since if she tries to run ill have to capture her.
I shall take my leave goodbye and farewell,
we shall meet again in one year from now,
where at your funeral Ill wail and cry,
and wait for your sister so pretty and shy.

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