Happy ever after

Brittany is an 18 year old girl with two brothers eric and derik, she's known Liam Payne since she was 2 years old she meets up with him again at the mall and sees and Irish hottie staring at her will they fall in love or will they stay friends
Read to find out


1. Couldn't believe it

britts POV- I couldn't believe my eyes I saw li (Liam ) my guy Bestfriend right infront of me and he was in a band called one direction now so they had tons of screaming fans. I went over to Liam and held his hand and walked with him to one store '' Oww my ears '' I said '' who are you ? '' Liam said and I turned around '' Brittany ? Lil britt !!!!!! '' Liam screamed and hugged me then picked me up and twirled me around. '' ahem '' Niall interupted '' oh sorry, everyone this is Brittany you can call her lil britt , i knew her since I was 2! Brittany this is niall, Louis, Harry an zayn ! '' Liam introduced me and then asked if I wanted a ride home and I said sure. We got into the car and I was squished between Louis and Niall, Niall kept staring at me! '' why did the chicken cross the road ? '' Niall turned to me '' to get to the other side '' I guessed '' you did you get that ? '' Niall shouted then Louis squeezed me into Niall so I was about 5 cm away from his face '' don't worry britt I'll save you ! '' Niall said to me and out his arm around me. We all laughed

Nialls POV - I think I'm starting to like britt even though I only knew her for about 39 minutes !

Britts POV- when we got there we went inside to see my mom and dad at the kitchen table '' Liam !!!! '' my mom said and hugged him '' hello mama Mac (Liam called my mother that since he was little ) '' liam my boy how've you been ? '' my dad asked '' I'm good Chris thanks '' Liam replyed (if you call my dad any thing other than Chris he will kick you out of the house ). We went upstairs to see Eric (my 19 year old brother) and Derek (my 10 year old brother) Eric was Liam's best friend! So we Went to the game room an opened the door, '' Liam !! '' they both said and paused their game to get a hug.
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