I LOVE U a one direction story

This story is about how skyler mitchell lives a sad lonly life her cousin Niall horen hadent seen her in 10 yrs when she goes to a new nieborhood and meets one of the boys will she fall in love ? Wig she does will they break up will she move on or stay with ? Will she die ? Will she survive ? Read the book to find out


1. New flat

I just moved into my new flat in England I couldent take it at the the other home to many memories I got my house all done and went to bed in the morning I woke up to my phone buzzing off it said Niall horen I shot up to answer it he said I HEARD YA LIVING IN ENGLAND LOVE niall screamed thought the phonei said ya I live in Castlewood " omg HARRY LIVE NEAR THERE whos Harry I ask slightly annoyed he said it was his best bud but I haven't met a Harry I took a shower and got dressed did my hair brushed my teeth what makes u beautifull came on the radio I had know clue who sang it but I loved the song then ate I went for a walk outside I stopped at a stop sign a person came out the door to get his mail hello I said waving humming the song that was playing he looked at me suprized and then waved I wondered why ?!! He and I started up a conversation and my cousin poped up he sai oh I know Niall he's my singing buddy I thinking what is he talking bout I mean my cousin was good but way to shy to sing in front of people oh I forgot my name is skylar I had and accent it was irish like nialls the boy told me in a cute British accent I'm Harry I said cool I better go he said okay bye I left wow he's cute !
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