The love that surcomes the storm

Well, I was beaten
And i often self harmed .
For many reasons you may , or may not be aware of .
Will i be saved.. Or die along the way?
Read to find out Loveies(:
<3 oxoxo


1. The Abuse to last a lifetime .

That night I silently slipped through the door hoping my abusive father had gone to bed already. But He was waiting up for me . As i creaked the door open , and started to walk throughheslammed it backwards crushing my right foot , right hand . I fell backwards down the concrete steps , and rolled in the rain , in one of the worst pains I had ever felt. He yelled to me " get up you lousy good for nothing disrespectful little B**** ! " I didn't get up . I screamed hoping someone would come to my rescue . No one did . He yanked me by hair and pulled up the six concrete steps past the thick wooden door and onto the sticky beer spilled floor . He screamed at me " now I want this bloody house cleaned in an hour . Or else!" " but , but this whole house in an hour!?" "DON'T YOU QUESTION ME!" I limped throughout the house , and actually got it cleaned. Then I heard the voice , that voice that makes me cringe. "HANNAH KATHLEEN YOUR HOUR IS UP , WHY ARE THE DOOR KNOBS NOT WIPED DOWN!?" Crap. " umm I'm , I'm sorry Ill go do that right now sir."I said "no , Hannah , it's too late and I'm gonna need you to come upstairs with me ." he said " oh , okay?" I said unsurely As I walked in . He screamed " open the window you bloody idiot!" as he yanked me into his bedroom . I obeyed . A cold , draft swept thought the stale air of the house. I will never call that place a home . I looked down as i opened the window I looked down and saw him.. Liam . Then dad.. He came. Closer to me , and closer , and closer. He shoved me out of the window . Sending me flying down three stories . I slammed to the ground. Liam stared at me in horror . I couldn't move . I couldn't even open my eyes. He looked up at my father in horror and screamed "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?"

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