Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


37. Authors Note

I wanted to post this to tell you about my Changing the Past sequel, Bright Lights and how the story is now published on this site! If you want to go and read it, you can find it either on my profile (Sajmacy) or simply click the link down below. I will be updating it once each day for the next week or so and then it will go back to normal of posting weekend updates.
Really hope you enjoy! Love you loads, 
Sajmacy x

Bright Lights

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