The Underdogs 3

The 3rd book about the 3 underdogs Trym, Tomoki and Victor


1. Tournament time!

It is seven o´clock in the morning, and Trym, Tomoki and Victor are sitting in the bus waiting to leave Copenhagen. The bus is cool and there is a lot of TV´s in it. It all went pretty well until we came to the ship. Tomoki puked about a million times, and Trym and Victor got caught trying to buy candy. When we got off the ship, we just went to McDonald´s. The reason why, was actually because Ryan and Victor screamed Mcduuunalds, and then the coaches said that we could go there. After a long bus drive, we finally arrived in Düsseldorf in Germany. The hotels were nice, and the 3 boys were sharing a room. 

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