Today and forever

Wallflower el and outgoing max have known each other for as long as they can remember, but when some unexpected news arrive, they realise they have a much stronger relationship than either if then could ever imagine...


2. So Intense

About two weeks after, nan started to gain a cold, I loved my nan and I was worried, I wished her the best, for she didn't like me in the hospital when she was I'll acus' "a beautiful little flower like you my dear dosnt deserve any cough she daughter from me!" but when I tyred to argue she allways seemed to win somehow.
I did like max. He's such a great friend. I cant imagine us being anymore. We haven't talked about it. It's the first time I have thought about it really, anyway I didn't want dear jo (max's mum) to have to worry about me as well as max and baby Alice. But somehow max got the information out of me without me noticing I was saying it the very same day day nan was picked up by hospital transport.
"pack your bags up." wow I wasn't really ready for this. I mean.....he is an amazing friend, my est friend. But hes been acting so intense Latley. It's creeping me out. But he insisted so I couldn't say no.

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