Today and forever

Wallflower el and outgoing max have known each other for as long as they can remember, but when some unexpected news arrive, they realise they have a much stronger relationship than either if then could ever imagine...


1. He's so kind

"hey el, how you doin'?"
Max spoke very relaxed swim the phone, I sniffed. Why couldn't I be strong like him? He was such a great friend. "el? What's wrong?"
I didn't answer, wiping tears from my nose.
"look, stay right there, I'll be over in 5"
I smiled. He was so kind.

"what's up?" his face was blank, unreadable.
"ugh, just feel scared."
"why el." iv known him for ever, literally.
"I don't want to loose anyone else, never had a dad, now mum has left me. I can't sty at my Nans forever max. She's 90 for crying out load! Plus she is allways going in and out of hospital."
He gave me a hug. "you know what?" I shook my head and blew my nose on a tissue I had screwed up, tightly in a ball. "when your Nans in hospital,you can stay with me, I have talked about it with mum lately. She misses you. You haven't been round our house in ages."
"thank you max"
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