When dream, the 14 year old girl from the English country side, is moved to her aunts farm after the death of her parents, she earns her keep by helping with the damaged horses her aunt had found on the nearby mountains mounths earlier, but is it the horses that need the care, or is it dream?


1. Missing

"no, I've only been out down the fields, they can't have been kidnapped, no!" 
I yelled down the phone, this was frustrating, the police where meant to be there to help, not hinder! I should be looking for them, I know this area better then any policeman. 
"look, my parents are missing, they have disappeared in the space of 10 minuets, what do you suggest I do?!"
"miss please calm down, we know you are going through some trauma, but if you cooperate with us you will feel much better and we can help you! Now where was it you lived? I'm sending a search team down."
I started to cry. I'm so weak, I muttered to myself.
The policeman obviously herd me. " we will do whatever we can, and I'm sure it wasn't your fault at all."
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