Louis how i love you

19 year old Jaiden is having the time of her life with her new boyfriend. She is happy until she finds out that hes cheating on her


3. Louis' Point of view

I am smitten by that gorgeous girl named Jaiden, i think i might ask her out.

"Jaiden, love?" I say casually- but cool.

"Yes, Louis?" She replies sweetly- i love her voice.

"How would you- how would you like it if i took you and your beautiful friend over there out for a date with me and the boys?" I ask

"I-i-i I would love that!!!!! Tammy do you want to?" She stammers
"Of course!! Absolutely! When will we go?" Tamara asks

"Well, me and the boys were planning to go tonight, im sure they wouldnt mind if you two tagged along! Would we boys?" I ask

"I wouldnt at all" says Hazza.

"Same here" yell the other boys


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