unearthly forest

4 people in a forest when strange things begin to happen


1. quick recover

I couldn't believe my eyes. As i looked into the night sky the trees were covereed in blood.

"Sean get over here now!" called Alices voice. My heart was pounding as i jogged over to her. She was on her knees wrapping up Mikes knee with a wet cloth.

"what happened?" i asked.

"I got attacked by a fucking dog!"

"It tried to drag him away from camp" said Alice, looking at me but not quite seeing me.

Emily returned from the tent holding a silver pistol in her hands.

"what are you doing?" demanded Alice. I wasn't sure what to do. I agreed with Emilys option, but Alice was there and i wanted her back in my life.

"Emily put it down" i said, cooly. She looked at me, shocked that i had said anything.


"put down the fucking gun!" yelled Mike, because Alice had pulled the cloth tight.

He stood up limping. Emily dropped the gun and said "quick recovery"

"We need to get him in the truck!" said Alice

"really Alice, so soon" said Emily. I couldn't help but to laugh at this comment.

"yeah 4 people gang bang" i said laughing.






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