How Did This Happen (Louis Tomlinson)

Sarah Was Was A Good Person , She Loved Making People Smile And Laugh No Matter What Age They Were she Was Very Known , every one Liked her , But She wasnt Popular , She would always visit the kids at the hospital dress up as a clown and entertain the kids.
One Day The Boys Were In Town and They Decided To Vist The Same Hospital Sarah Was At , When Louis Saw Her He Noticed She Had So Beautiful eyes and A Grreat Smile
When Sarah Saw Him She Froze Knowing Who He Was and Constely made eye contacr
Will Sarah & Louis feel something for each other ?! could it be love at first sight ?!


1. Fixing To Leave

"Louis?!" Harry yelled as he was looking for me "In The Restroom!" I yelled back as I was finishing washing my hands. "You ready buddy?! The plane leaves in a few hours and have to go now" he said "Yeah Im ready, did Paul take my suitcase?!" I asked looking for it "Yeah I think come on lets go catch up to the others" we ran out the room and the hall to the elevator "Ill race you" I said giving Harry An Evil smile "Haha Deal" he said , as soon as the elevator Opened I pushed him back and ran out as fast as I could, but I lost that boy is fast "I win Give me 10 bucks" he said catching air "Hey we didnt make a deal so no" I said catching my breath "Boo!" He said, "Come on you guys we have to go already" Paul said , "Hurry up and get in the car!" Liam yelled "Im Hungry! so hurry up" Niall yelled "I dont care what you do just get in the car so we can go and I can get my rest!" Zayn Yelled, it was really early so of Course Zayn will be grumpy, "Gosh we coming lads just calm down" I said as I waited for Harry To settle down and I fallowed, we were exited to go to united states I loved it there "So where we heading of to once we get to the US?" I asked Paul "Austin" He said "Oh the people are lovely there" I said. after a few minutes we got to the airport and waited an hour and a half for our plane to arrived, when it did we headed off and waited to arrive the next day in the afternoon I was exited........
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