Tori is a fourteen year old girl living in the south of England. She loves to hang out with her friends: Kim, Joseph, Matt and Louis. Louis isn't really one of her friends, he's Matt's. And only recently, she's realised how determined he is to get inside her friendship group and steal her friends. He wants to be friends with everyone inside her friendship group. Except her.
So Tori goes out on a daring mission, not just to recover her friends for Louis' grasp, but to get rid of him altogether. Sounds easy, right? Just what Tori thinks. But it isn't at all easy if Louis has the power to completely stop you in your tracks, in ways which aren't even imaginable.


1. Joe goes cross-eyed over gum

"You wanna piece of gum, Tori?" my best friend, Kim asked. She is really pretty, with dark-brown short hair in perfect ringlets with a dead straight side fringe. Her face is tanned and spotless and she is tall and willowy in figure. 

"Yeah, please" I replied and thanked her as she handed me a piece. I'm Tori. I'm fourteen and I live in Cornwall, you know, in the south of England. If you look on the cover, that's me. I was sitting on a grassy bank, in the park with my friends: Kim, Joseph, Matt and Louis. Well, Louis isn't actually my friend. He's Matt's friend, but we put up with him now and again, although Matt's best friend is Joseph. I don't like Louis much. He is deadly competitive and can be fierce although Matt states he is very nice. Once you get to know him. 

It was summer, July actually and it was very hot. Thankfully, Louis wasn't here today. He had a kung-fu class today. 

"Hey, Joe" said Kim suddenly, waving her packet of gum in front of his face. We call Joseph Joe, as a nickname. Joe looked like he was going cross-eyed and shoved the gum out of his face.

"Yes?" replied Joe. He handed the gum back to Kim and she took it, rather sheepishly. 

"Do you-" she was cut off by Joe.

"Want some gum?" he interrupted. He took that packet back again. 

"Yes please" he said and took some gum out and put it in his mouth then handed the packet to Matt. Matt took a piece and threw the packet back to Kim, who caught with absolute perfection. Kim's like that. At school, she is captain of the hockey, lacrosse and rounders team. I'm captain of the netball team. 

"Honestly, you guys" I asked "do you have to be so immature?" I meant it as a joke, a friendly joke. Kim, Matt and Joe knew that. Then, suddenly, Louis walked over. He was still wearing his kung-fu outfit  as he strides over, glaring at one person. Me. 

"Victoria" he stated. Louis is the only one who calls me by my real name. It's to show his dislike for me and how little I mean to him. He didn't give me a chance to reply.

"How dare you be so mean to my friends! Do you have no respect? It's okay, guys. I can get rid of her." He boomed. 

"Louis" I replied, imitating him "It was just a joke. Can't even you see that? We were having fun." I decided to mumble the last bit. "Until you came along." 

Louis stuck his nose in the air and decided to take my friends off somewhere else. Without me. I could even hear him making lame excuses about why I couldn't come.

"Oh, Victoria has got to meet her brother in Sainsbury's in five minutes" I could hear his posh voice now. They were all buying it, even Kim. Matt obviously did because he literally worships Louis, although he is one of my very good friends, Joe decides to follow Matt on this one and Kim is literally being dragged off by Louis. 

I decided to go home. I mean, I had nothing better to do. My day was ruined. All because of Louis and a piece of gum.

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