Wolf Boy

We all know that Jacob and Bella are long time friends. Jacob wants to be more than that. Bella does too. So why can't their undying love flourish? The answer is simple. Edward.

He has also been watching Bella since she was a young little girl, without anyone knowing. He teased her and entrigued her until she had no choice but to fall for him too. Now the time has finally come. Bella has finally a agreed to marry Edward and he entends to hold her to it.

Jacob, on the other hand will, will do anything in his power to stop the love of his life from selling her soul to the devil. Who knew werewolves had the ability to change humans as well?

What if Bella has some secrets of her own? What if she truly doesn't want either of them? I promise this story will be full of 'what if's'.

Please don't forget to like, fan, fav, and comment if you like this story! It is for the Twilight competition on Movellas and I really think it has potential. <3 yours truly


2. Visits

   Isabella Marie Swan, also known as Bella, sat on her bed and gazed out the window at the sun slipping down over the horizon. The oranges, reds, and yellows dances around in the sky and illuminating her room. The sound a birds filled the air. Bella was glad that she was able to spend her last night as a Swan in her father's cottage in the woods. Charlie, her father, had been reluctant to allow the bride-to-be to go out on her own but eventually gave into his daughter's pleas. As long as she promised not to leave the cottage.

   She had the entire cottage to herself. So she could enjoy the peace and quiet before the hectic day only a few hours away. The sound of birds began to fade, only to be replaced by the chirping and humming of crickets. The summer evening was warm without being too humid. The nearly full, milky white moon was climbing high in the sky with a few clouds floating here and there.

   Bella stood and walked over to the mini-fridge that was placed in the corner of the room. She pulled out a small tub of yogurt and some various types of fruits and berries. Upon mixing them all into a bowl and topping it off with some low fat granola, she settled back onto her bed and flicked on the television. Bella surfed through a couple channels until she found a show she likes, Criminal Minds. It was an odd episode where the serial killer drains the blood from his victoms through two wholes in their neck.

   "How ironic." She thought to herself. Her thoughts wandered back to her vampire husband-to-be, Edward Cullen. His perfectly chizeled features, his shaggy hair, his cool yet soft skin. Everything about him was utterly perfect in every way. One of the first indications that he wasn't human let alone normal.

   When the show ended and Bella clicked the 'off' button. She leaned back against the plush purple pillows and took in the calming silence. Her eyes snapped open. It was too silent. She glanced over to the open window, only to stare into darkness. The last rays of light have disapeared.

   A low howl sounded in the distance. Bell guessed it was Jacob Black, her long time best friend. The walls of the bedroom, once a pale purple, were now shadowed and darkened so they looked grey. The blue drapes, that hung from the window, blew lightly in the wind. Suddenly a pair a yellow-gold eyes appeared in the shadows outside the window.

   "Jake?" Bella murmured.

   The wolf rumbled deeply in the back of it's throat and jumping trough the wide window. His claws scratched against the hard wood floor. The fur on his body started to blur as he began shifting. Seconds later, Jacob was standing in place of the wolf. His toned chest and abs glistening in the feint light that was radiating from Bella's bed side lamp. His dark black hair showing off his tanned, russet coloured skin. His warm dark brown eyes set high over his stong cheek bones. 

   "Yes Bells, it's me." 

   Bella sighed and layed back down on the confortable green duvet. She only opened her eyes when she felt the corner of the bed dip slightly and Jacob warm body beside her. His minty breath was hot on her cheeks. Bella unvolentarily sighed and shimmied closer. Jacob's arm snaked around her waist as he pulled her into a lingering hug.

   Suddenly Bella pulled back, "Jacob, no." she says, "I'm getting married tomorrow."

   His expression hardened, "I know."

   Bella sighed, "Good."

   "That's also why I came to change your mind."

   Before Bella had time to react, Jacob's lips crashed against her's. The heat of his body stretched down and filled her from head to toe. A low moan escaped her lips and she kissed him back, slowly at first but quickly speeding up.

   "Why am I not stopping this? Worse than that, why can't I find in myself even the desire to want to stop? What does it mean that I don't want him to stop? That my hands clung to his shoulders, and liked that they were wide and strong? That his hands pulled me too tight against his body, and yet it was not tight enough for me?" she thought desperately.

   The questions were stupid, because she knew the answer: Bella been lying to herself. Jacob was right. He'd been right all along. He was more than just a friend to her. That's why it was so impossible to tell him goodbye - because she was in love with him. Too.

   "Jake...Jake......Jake stop!" she gasped suddenly.

   Jacob growled and stood up then turned and asked, "Why is it so hard for you to admit that you love me?"

   "I-I don't."

   "You do and you know it!" he exlaims, his voice slowly rising, "You just can't admit it to yourself!"

   "Jake, I think you should go." she sighed.

   Jacob paced over to the window, stopped, and then hurried over to place a kiss on Bella's cheek, "Dream of me Bells, I love you."

   Bella closed her eyes as a rush of wind blew the hair away from her face. She re-opened them, and he was gone.


   Bella had only gotten three hours of sleep before she was awaken by a sudden chill in her room. She knew what it was, or rather who it was, before even opening her eyes. She could tell by the silence in the room. The un-moving presence that loomed over her.

   "I didn't mean to wake you."

   She opened her eyes to see Edward, "You didn't."

   "Don't lie to me Bella."

   Bella rolled over to one side of her bed to make room for him. He glance around the room and took a deep breath, as if trying to define a scent. He then settled down beside his future bride.

   "Bella dear, your bed smells like dog."

   "He, urm, came to say good luck." she mumbled, "Y'know, with the wedding."

   "Darling, what did I tell you about lying to me?"

   He then stood and was gone.

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