Remember When

18 year old Lavender Smith lost her memory at age 15 from a car accident. On her way to the park one morning she finds a key piece to her old life. She and Liam Payne had been best friends, but after her accident she doesn't remember. But he does. Liam reaches out to help her discover more about her past. But he soon discovers he in for more then he was let in on. Soon they both discover that her past wasn't something to joke about. But will sparks fly in the process? Or will he lose her again?


1. 3 years earlier

Lavender's POV~

I look over at him and smiled.  He's perfect.  His dirty blonde/light brown hair, his beautiful brown eyes, his kind smile.  Everything about him was flawless, even when he didn't try.  He looked over at me and returned my smile.  Too bad he only thought of me as a friend.  A best friend for that matter.  I've known Liam Payne ever since I was 6 years old.  We met on the playground at school when his soccerball flew right next to my feet, and then we really saw eachother when I returned it.  I started playing soccer with him everyday and we just became best friends.

I pull my cream colored hoodie tighter and shiver.  They winter in Wolverhampton was chilly.  We were one our way to the park.  We walk there every saturday.  We sit down on the bench by the pond and just talk.  Some of our best conversation comes out there. 

"Chilly much?"  Liam asks interupting my thoughts.  Which of course were filled with him.  "Oh you noticed?  I could be worst, then again whats worse then feeling like an icicle?"  I say with a slight smirk on my face.  Liam rolls his eyes and takes off his jacket, putting it on my shoulders.  "Won't you be cold?"  I ask about to take off the jacket.  I really want to keep it on, it's warm and it smells just like him.  But I don't want him to freeze either.  "No keep it on.  If I get cold you can warm me up."  He says smiling at me. 

We walk the rest of the way in silence.  But it isn't an awkward one.  Once we reach the park I started running to the bench, my long light brown hair flying behind me.  I turned around to see Liam smiling and shaking his head.  I laugh a little.  When he finally makes it to the bench he sits down and wraps his arm around me.  I loved it when he did this.  It made me feel like he was mine for a little while.  I lay my head on his shoulder and close my eyes.

"Hey, don't fall asleep on me.  Open your beautiful eyes."  Liam whispers in my ear.  I smile and open my eyes, my hair falling in my face.  I feel his hand pulling my hair away from my eyes.  "There we go." He says smiling at me.  I smile back.  We talk for a while about school and how our teachers give us way to much homework, and about how well we can play instruments.  I could only play the flute, and not even that great either.  But liam can play the piano and guitar pretty good.

"Can I try something?" Liam says when we are walking out of the park gates.  ''Depends." I say looking over at him.  "On what?' He asks pushing me(in a friendly way).  I think for a moment.  "What it is."  I say.  "I don't think you'll mind." He says.  Then he stops walking.  "Then be my guest." I say as I stop walking too.  Then he leans in slowly, resting his forehead on mine.  Before I can think about anything he presses his lips to mine.  I stand their in shock for a moment but then start to kiss him back. 

His movements are slow and caring.  Just like I imagined they would be.  After a minute we both pull away.  'You were right." I say once we start walking again.  "About what?" He says smiling at me.  "I didn't mind that at all, in fact you don't know how long I've been waiting for it." I say smiling back.  "Me too." He says.  Then I hear the sound of screeching tires and my name.  I feel a sharp pain in the side, and it all goes black.



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