i have two choices

you and liam are dating but something happens with another band member. but you dont know who to pick!


1. LIAM!!<3

You and Liam fall asleep on the couch. You wake up to your phone alarm, and started singing "One Thing". You try to slowly slip away to turn off your alarm, but Liam wakes up. "Hi love" he tells you while bringing you close to kiss your cheek. "Sorry babe, I didn't mean to wake you up" you say trying to be quiet. "It's fine, I get to see your lovely face" he tells you, while kissing you again. He gets up and starts to make you breakfast. "Don't make me anything, I have work. Sorry babe" you tell him with a sweet voice. "Do you have to go, it's our 2 year anniversary?" he says with that sad puppy-dog face. "Fine, i'll call in sick" you say giving in to that puppy-dog face. Then the rest of the band woke up running while yelling "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY". "Thank you" you both say together. Harry pulls you to the side "I can't believe it's been 2 years already" he says with a surprised face. " I know" you answer. Harry asks "how long has it been since we broke up?" " 2 1/2 years" I replied. "You do know that I have never stopped loving you" he says while staring at the ground. " I'm with Liam now Harry, and I really love him" you try to tell him. Harry says "but I will love you more."

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