The Summer I'll never forget

It was the first day of summer break, and I had just graduated twelfth grade. I went to stay with my cousins for the summer, and met the guy I had loved since I was ten. He was staying with his uncle for the summer, which is good for me because he told me he hadn't stopped thinking about me since he moved a year ago. We were in love, and for that summer we had each other.


2. The first

I hurry into the house because I only have three hours to get ready. I go and finish unpacking the rest of my close to see what I have. Finally, I find my favorite top I wear out to eat on dates. It's a light gold lace top with a brown belt, I also put a brown tank top under it. I go through my jeans and shorts and find the perfect pair. A pair of dark blue jeans, my favorite pair, and since it's only sixty four degrees outside, I think I'm gonna wear pants. I unpack my shoes and jewlery next. I find a simple wing necklace to wear, and a pair of brown, three inch ankle boots that go good with my top and jeans. I look at the clock and see I only have an hour and a half to get dressed and ready. I put on my top and jeans, and slip on my necklace. Then I go and straiten my long brown hair, and put on a little makeup. I put on my boots, and grab my purse from my room. I walk out the door right at seven and see Dylan waiting for me patiently. I run down the steps, go over to him, and give him a kiss on the cheek. He smiles and opens the door to his truck for me. I climb in and wait for him to walk around to get in. When he gets in he pulls a blue box out of his pocket, and hands it to me. He says," Angelle, I have liked you for as long as I can remember, and I want you to be mine. What I'm trying to say is, I want you to be my one and only love." I open the box and see a silver heart necklace with diamonds lining one side. " Yes, a million times yes! I wish I had something for you, but I haven't got to go anywhere since I got here," I said excitedly.
" Where would you like to eat?" Dylan asks.
"I don't know, how about the restaurant down the street?" I ask.
" Sure, that would be great" Dylan says as he backs out onto the steeet. As we're going down the street toward the restaurant Dylan asks a question out of the blue, " Where are you going to college?" I answer," University of Tennessee in Knoxville, I got a basketball scholarship." Then, he asked, " What years are you going?" " 2013-2017, where are you going?" I ask. " I'm going the same place you are, the same years, and I got a football scholarship," Dylan continues," I'm majoring in mechanical engineering, what are you majoring in?" " Aerospace engineering, it's always been my favorite type of engineering, ever since fifth grade," I reply. 
By then we're at the restaurant. We get out and walk inside, as we walk through the door, I see one of my brother's friends from back home. I hoped he didn't see me, but he did. " Angelle, what are you doing here? Wait, is that Dylan?" Jason says obnoxiously. " Yes, we are both here, but why are you here?" Dylan asks. Jason replies," Dude, I'm here for college, and to party!" I try not to sound annoyed and say," Well, we're going to go eat. See you later." Jason replies to that comment in rather a dumb manner, and by now I can tell he's drunk. He says," So, y'all two are on a date? I can't believe it, Bumbalough went back to his high school crush!" After that we just walk off, we go and find a table away from Jason's big loud mouth. A few seconds later our waiter comes and asks," Do you two know what you want to eat or do you need a minute?" Dylan replies," I think we're ready." Then he turns to me and asks," Do you want to share the chicken parmesan for two?" I reply to him," Sure." Dylan turns to the waiter," Okay, we want the chicken parmesan for two, and I want water to drink." I add," I would also like a water."  After a few minutes, the waiter comes back with our food and drinks. We both eat without speaking because we haven't ate all day. We get up to leave, and I see Jason passed out on the floor. " Look at him," I point and continue," he looks like he needs a little help tonight." Dylan walks over and picks Jason up, carries him like a little kid over his shoulder, and puts him in the bed of the truck. We drive back to the houses and I help Dylan take Jason to the extra bedroom at his uncle's house. After we have Jason in a bed, Dylan walks me out and to my cousins' house. We stop on the front porch and we look into each others eyes. Dylan's bitting his lip and looking back and forth from my eyes to my lips, he grabs my hips and pulls me closer. Then, he holds the back of my neck lightly, and I close my eyes as we go in for a kiss. It's a long, passionate kiss. After that, we say goodbye and he walks to his uncle's house. I go inside and lay down on my bed. " I can't believe he kissed me! I didn't think he would tonight, but he did." I think to myself. Finally, I go take a bath and go to bed. I'll barely sleep at all because tomorrow I get to spend the day with Dylan. 
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