The Summer I'll never forget

It was the first day of summer break, and I had just graduated twelfth grade. I went to stay with my cousins for the summer, and met the guy I had loved since I was ten. He was staying with his uncle for the summer, which is good for me because he told me he hadn't stopped thinking about me since he moved a year ago. We were in love, and for that summer we had each other.


1. The beginning of the best summer ever

I finally get to my cousins' beachhouse in Orange Beach, Alabama. I get my suit cases out of my car; a royal blue 2013 Ford Mustang, and go to my room. I start to unpack my suitcase, when I remember my pictures in my purse. I run and grab it from the table in the livingroom, and take it to my room. The first picture I pull out is one of my high school love, Dylan. My 14 year old cousin Skylar says," Hey! I just saw him go up the steps of the house next door." I jump up hoping it was him, run out the door, and to the house beside us. I knock on the door and a tall man with light brown hair answers the door and says," May I help you young lady?" I reply shyly," I think so, what is the name of the boy that just came here?" The man replies in a weird manner," That boy just came here to stay the summer with me here before going back to Tennessee for college. His name is Dylan, would you like to come in while I get him?"
" Yes, sir. That would be nice," I say walking into his house. I here him go into a room and say to Dylan," There is a young lady in the livingroom waiting for you." Dylan replied shocked," There's a girl waiting for me in the livingroom? Where is she from?" "I'll go see, and you continue unpacking," the man walks in and asks me," where are you from? What's your name?" " I'm Angelle, and I'm from White County, Tennessee." The man walks back to the room and tells Dylan what my name is and where I'm from. After that, Dylan runs out and says to me," Angelle, I've missed you so much! Why are you here?"
" I'm staying with my cousins for the summer, they live next door."
" Would you like to go out and eat tonight? Just me and you, when ever and where ever you want to go," he says in his soft voice I love.
" Sure, what do you say we meet between the two houses around seven, and figure out where we want to eat?" I say.
" Sure, that sounds great, see you then," he says softly. I walk out the door and go to the house where I begin to get ready for tonight.
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