Behind the voice

This is a story about me but not a diary. It's about my voice and although the story in fiction, it's something that, as a singer myself, would wish to happen.....maybe.

So I audition, I proably wont get in, it's rigged you know. I send in a video of myself singing to three artists (p!nk, jessie j and selena gomez) on P!nk has answered my question before - that bit although part of the story is also true - and sends me a reply saying she thinks I have a good chance and to follow my dream which i think is cool but a little cheesy, jessie j and selena don't reply but I figure if P!nk thinks im ok, then i stand a good chance. Thing is, I really need this money. I can't say why because then i wouldnt stand a chance, it's just if i don't get in, i won't have another chance....I really need that money.


1. The video

Ok, so I'm just a regualr person near the bottom of the popularity chain. I strum on my guitar - which is painfully bright neon pink - and try to write a song but I have writers block. I'm better  at writing stories than i am at writing songs but I can't think like that, I have band practise tomorrow. There was a time though that I had no choice, I had to write songs and sing even if my throat was raw and my head was pounding.

It started off inocently. I was starting out in a band - although the rehearsals were ridiulous, we spent like five minutes rehearsing and two hours having a nerf battle - I was learning guitar, having recieved one for my 15th birthday, things were good.
Suddenly on the tv came the annoyingly familiar theme tune; I never watch x-factor. Honestly, I think it's rubbish. Everyone knows it's rigged. I switched the channel to Hollyoaks; the only reason I watch it is because i literally LOVE Brendan Brady. He has the same look as Robert Downey Junior and Johnny Depp both of whom I adore. Johnny Depp moreso, I'm kind of obsessed. My friends are worried.
Dad walks in and I quickly changed the channel. Dad doesn't like me watching Hollyoaks, he says it's a bad influence.
"watching x-factor?" he said dumping his jacket on the sofa,
"repeats from last year. they're playing because audtitions for this year are next month."
"you should audition."
I looked at my dad. He'd hunched in his chair glued to the laptop.
"sorry what?""
"you should audition" he said vaguely, "do something useful with that guitar."
"I don't even know how to use the cappo."
"Then don't use the cappo. Just do something. You have a good chance and you keep saying you need money, if you win you won't have to sponge off me."

Of course it's all about him. I dragged my guitar upstairs and sulked on my bed. Then I got to thinking: Maybe I should audition; I won't even get in, did i mention it's rigged? i should just do it though in spite of my Dad. And my friends. And every popular onion head* that has ever looked down on me.

*onion head: girls who are recognisable as popular by the onion buns on their heads.

I needed an opinion though. My friends said I could sing but like all self conscious teenagers, I would only belive the opinion of a celebrity. is a facebook linked website where you can ask celebs questions and answer questions people ask you. Celebrities don't always answer but once, P!nk answered me which I thought was awesome and I did a print screen of it and made it my cover photo on facebook. It's still there now. I sent her the video on Ask, asking her if i was good enough to audtion, if I stood a chance. I sent it to Jessie J and Selena Gomez as well, not expecting any of them to reply. Why should they? A week later I looked on my account to find a reply. It was P!nk. My heart thudded as I read:

"You have a lovely voice. If you want to follow your dream, you should, I'd say you have a good chance."

Really cheesy but i smiled all the same. No reply from Jessie J or Selena but then again I wasn't really convinced they'd reply anyway. They're too busy answering their other fans. Ok, so auditioning wouldn't be so bad. I needed to prep though. Auditions were in London in three weeks, I needed time to practise and stuff. What song should I do? I kept asking myself. I tried loads of songs. Then I had an idea; loads of people had done it, audiences loved it. I was going to write my own song. Title: My messy mind.


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