Friends With The Band

Ok I'm gonna try this story I might not finish it but if I don't I will give someone else permission to finish it or use the idea.
He was new in town and didnt know anyone. Who is he you may ask he is Cameron Phillip. Cameron came from London in the UK because his parents wanted a better life for him so he moved to America. Nobody at the school liked Cameron except for (Y/N). Nobody gave him the chance to explain himself besides her. What (Y/N) didn't know was that Cameron was friends with a boy band—but not just any boy band — One Direction to be exact.
So there's the idea for the story if I write it will you read it?


1. The New Kid

It was just another boring day for (Y/N) — or so she thought until he showed up. He looked like an angle to her with his perfectly tanned skin,green eyes,and feathered brown hair. Of course that's all he would ever be to her is a angle though, he wouldn't like her nobody else did so why would he. She was the quiet little miss goodie to shoes school girl that nobody liked because she was always doing everything perfect. Knowing her luck he would up with the class slut Suzie. Everybody liked Susie every guy wanted to date her and every girl wanted to be her so it wouldn't be any surprise if he ended up being one of Suzies little toys like everyone else. Until he came up to her and walked completely passed Suzie.
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