Released from horror

Alex's mom passed away when she was 8 she is now eighteen and your dad is an alcoholic and he tortures her when she doesn't do what he says. One day Niall found her with a broken leg and broken rib cage! Read to find out what happens next.


26. True love

Alex's POV- when Niall said sorry I could tell he was really sorry an I saw a tear fall down his face.

Nialls POV- I Wanted to hold her for ever , she was so tiny and cute. '' Alex ? Can I hold you forever ? '' I said while laughing a bit '' that's the only Time I feel safe ! Around you '' and she kissed me right after she said that . '' okay then is it a deal? I get to hold you when ever I want ? '' I asked '' deal '' she replyed so I picked her up and wouldnt put her down I took my shirt off which was really hard then put on a clean shirt then I took off my pants so I was into my boxers then out on clean pants but I forgot she had to get her clothes on so I put her down and let her change and did her hair and brush her teeth and put on the deodorant I did the same after that . After she was done I picked her back up and wouldnt let her go '' wanna go for a walk? '' I ask '' sure '' she replyed then she was trying to get down when I said '' no your not walking I'm carrying you , you said when ever I wanted '' I say then she giggles and we walk on the streets ! I kiss her and then ask her where she wants to go ? She says she doesn't care she justs wants to be with me then I say okay then we head back to the hotel.

* 2 days later *
We had to head home because the tour was over !
We got to the airport and got on the plane when we got back to our flat it was 8 o'clock at night and it was her birthday tomorrow !
I had planned a SUPRISE party for her at our flat
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