Back Up Dancer

Lucy is a back up dancer for one direction what happeneds when she gets pared up with a certain member and possibly falls for him what will happened? Find out!!


1. Being Partnered Up

(Lucy's POV)
The boys stood infront of the ten of us including me and my four other best friends Lacey,Tara,Cassie and Kia five of us would become a dancer for a pacific member of the band we awaited our fate but if you weren't chosen to be their dancer you still got to be a back up.
Anyways Spencer the stage manager came put with his clip board who had the names of the five dancers who will be partnering up with the boys.
"Tara Jones you are partners with Liam Payne" he said Liam waved to her and smiled kindly as she walked up to him he put his arm around her shoulders
"Lacey Peters you are with Harry Styles" he said she smiled widely and the cheeky boy who hugged her
"Cassie Richards you are with Niall Horan" she smiled and he hugged her
"Kia Forbes you are with Zayn Malik" he said they greeted each other warmly the last boy to get a partner was Louis the question was who was going to be his partner?
I held my breath I wanted to be with my friends!
"Now the last girl to be a partnered dancer is..." He looked us all over
"Lucy Evens you are Partners with Louis Tomlinson" I did a sigh of relief
I looked u at Louis and he smiled at me I walked over to him and he squeezed me to his chest he smelt amazing
"Now dancers and the boys we have a practice the partnered dancers and the back up dancers your practices are separate the back ups can go home now thank you fr your time"
The other girls walked out off the stage and left the ten of us
"Ok girls you have to dance with the boys to one of their songs any request?" Spencer asked
"I want" Harry and Lacey both said at the same time and laughed
"We aid it at the same time!" They both said again
"That's creepy" the said at the same time again
"So I want?" Spencer asked
We all agreed and he started the song
We had to put our hands on the boys chest and dance around them the occasionally had to out their hands around our waists and pull us in they also had to sing while doing it Harry and Lacey didnt really take it seriously they were always laughing and giggling
"I want I want I want but that's crazy" they sang my heart melted
There was this one part we had to put our backs to the boys and put our arms around their necks Louis kept making me giggle
The song stopped
"O we are going to move on to Everything about you" the dance instructed had arrived some what on the middle of I want she told Lacey to put more hip in her sways and she didn't know what she was talking about so Harry put his hands on her hip and moved them it was so cute!
She started the song
I had to start behind Louis and he had to hold me by the waist and spin me infront of him
His hands in my waist made my stomach flop he was so perfect
he stepped on my foot once
"Sorry Love I didn't mean it" he said
"I understand" I said he smiled at me
Harry was spinning Lacey when he dropped her and he knelt down to help her up but they both were laughing Niall was laughing at them
Zayn and Kia were doing well there was the ocassinonal stumble but they were doing well me and Louis on the other hand were a disaster well Harry and Lacey were worse Louis even said it we kept stepping on each others feet elbowing each other you name it atleast he want dropping me.
Na Na Na was next, this dance was the worst it was so hard
Cause it has a fast motion I had to wrap my leg around Louis' and then lean back and then come back up and put my forehead on his like I was going to kiss him and then the res of the dance was just fast motion cannot explain it stuff one time Zayn and Kia's lips accidentally touched and they both blushed Louis hit me with his bum and laughed
"Sorry I can't control this thing" he said I giggled
"No it's not a problem." I said smiling he smiled back
After practice we went out to get something to eat as in the ten of us.... Talk about a disaster I don't know how Liam does it!

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