One of my earlier poems written quite bluntly about a normal ocurrence for cannabis users such as myself, its less about glorifying weed but more the steps taken to reach a specific point hopefully you wont judge it by its content.


1. .

Make some calls and find a number

Sorry wrong amount I've made a blunder

Pick up the stuff at the back of the house

I've got to be as silent as a mous  


I've just picked up and I've gone away

Dreaming and hoping for a brighter day

Wondering what effects it will have on me

I no for sure that I'm now ready


Now I know what I'm going to do

Please dear god don't let this canoe

Soon very soon I'm going to get wired

Going to this effort has actually made me tired


Now I'm done I grab my light

Fairly pleased as it's not looking shite

All the bad things I've just forgot 

Sitting calmly as I smoke my pot

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