Daily Story Challenge-Month 3-The Apocalypse

This month's theme will basically cover all the terrible things that could possibly happen to end the world. At least, the one's that I can write about. As usual, all info in the Introduction, enjoy. :D


20. Day 19

It was tragedy. Mania. The sky was falling, almost literally, metaphorically pieces crashing down around me, colliding with my stumbling frame. If there was anyone up there, anyone with a heart, I prayed to them in my head-couldn't they hear the crashing, the calamity? Couldn't they feel the pain and hear the desperate voices? I'd say I asked for mercy, but that would be a lie. I was never particularily religious, nor completely evil; I used to like to believe good of the world. But the truth was, no mercy remained in this world. Not now, not ever.

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