Its You, they add up to.

~(One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fan Fiction) This story is a little bit different, its a fan fiction of Ed Sheeran when he was 17 (the time he wrote "Little Things") and it will go between his P.O.V when he was 17, and then One Directions thoughts through out the time of releasing the song. It's a little different, and maybe a little confusing at first, but I hope you all like it! The more comments I get, the faster I update!

I really actually like this one, so please don't let the rubbish above stop you from reading it...

(Also, it would be lovely if anyone knows how to make youtube video's..I would love some previews of my fanfics, if you know anyone, let me know pllleeassee)


1. Meant to be

"Your hand fits in mine, like its made, just for me.

But bear this in mind, 

It was, meant to be."

17 y/o Ed's P.O.V

I write the words down on the paper, smiling to myself. She'll love it. She is the only person on this earth, whose opinion matters if she hates it. Without her, I would have no music inside of me at all. Everything I have written so far, its been about...her. You write what you know, what inspires you. You write about the Little Things in life that go on. 

My mind grows further on what I have just said..Little Things in life. I pick up my guitar, and strum the chords again. Finally, I pick up my pencil, and write "Little Things" on the top page.


Niall's P.O.V

I'm having such fun at the party, just relaxing and playing guitar with Ed. He's such a great guy, and so talented to. We're so grateful to of had the chance to work with him. He wrote the song moments, and even though he's a great mate of our's, it's hard not to get starstruck over him. He went to get a glass of water, and we were all just sitting here. When he came back, he said it was time for his announcement.

We had been anticipating this all day. It had to be good news of course  we were just sort of..confused.  

"So boys," He started playing his guitar, while talking to us. I sat down on the couch they had outside where we were sitting. "I wanted to play you this, just tell me what you think." He brought back the chords he just played, starting over, a few seconds later, words were tumbling out of his mouth. 

Little Things. 

"So, what do you guys think?" I was the first out of all the boys to answer. 

"Ed, great song mate, going to be a huge chune." He put the guitar down, and folded his hands in his lap. The others just nodded, and smiled. 

"Would you guys like it? I wrote it a few years back, and I just found it..." He trailed off, as if to remember something. And the other boys just looked at each other. I nodded in agreement. 

"What'a say lad's? Next album?" They all nodded, and we laughed. Ed didn't really do, or even say much afterwards. He just stayed still, messin' about with his fingers. 

"You wanna teach it to us then, mate?" Liam spoke out, sitting down. I don't know where Louis went, and Harry stood up. Ed grabbed the guitar again, and started to play. We tried with Liam starting off the song, like we normally do, but he said he didn't feel right singing that part, like it didn't mechanically work for him or something. I tried, and it was ok, but none of us were really feeling it. Harry took a picture, and came and sat back down. 

"Why doesn't Zayn try?" He asked us. 

So he did, and we went on the rest of the afternoon, learning our new song. 



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