left cold


1. the note

I felt a cold chill up and down the length of my spine ‘not again’ was the only thing I could say before I was pushed to the ground. Only one thing could make me feel so scared and vulnerable all at once and I had truly believed that was over with, I get filled with a pain so unbearable it takes all my strength not to collapse at the feet of my demon. A dark figure has been lingering around me ever since I witnessed my friends passing, we were only 12 when a innocent enough looking man asked us for directions on our way home from school… she ended up dead and alone at the end of her parents back garden and I ended up also alone in my room crying and scared, the end.

I managed to get up off the ground with only a graze on my left palm and enough time to look at the creature running away in the street light before it could escape only to return later on in the week, as I looked at the ground for my bag I noticed a scrap of paper soaking up the rain water from a nearby puddle, my name was scribbled on it with what looked like purple crayon I opened it expecting the worst but on it a time and a place had been left imprinted on the paper ten o’clock, Greenhill park (come alone) I thought getting the note was creepy enough but that last part took the biscuit, did this…thing expect me to meet them on my own? Hardly.

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