My Fantasy- 2 Broken Dreams

(Sequel to My Fantasy) After Harry's unexpected question, Katie doesn't know what to say. But her answer is backed up, as she has a reason for saying.....
Her ex-boyfriend makes a surprise visit, costing Katie all sorts of problems..... How will she get out of it this easily?


33. Regrets

I sat on the floor, my head in my hands, mentally cursing my drunken state last night.

"It'll be fine babe, you know it to." James said rubbing circles on my back. I sighed and leant my head on his chest and cried,

"But, we slept together, that's not something I'll forget. Well the thought, not the experience because I can't exactly remember last night. I just hope to god that Harry wasn't sober either." I said shaking my head.

"Look as much as I want to stay here, I have to go to work. I'm late." James said getting up. 

"Can I come? I could do with a coffee." I said stretching.

"Yeah, sure." He said smiling. I grabbed my bag and keys and shut the door behind me walking down the corridor towards the front door.

"JAMES!" I called him waiting by the door.

"I'll be there in a sec, wait in the car for me." He shouted back from the bathroom, probably doing his hair, as usual. I sighed and shut the front door behind me, jumping down the steps towards the car. I got in and turned the Radio on and lay my head on the dashboard.

"-rry Styles was seen leaving funky Buddha club last night with Katie Hemmingsfield, his ex-girlfriend. Sources have told us that they went back to his hot-" 

I turned the Radio off not wanting to hear any more. James slammed the front door making me look up and start the car. He sat next to me panting.

"What took you so long?" I asked pissed.

"Hey sorry, I-I had to do my hai-"

"Sorry I snapped, it's just this Harry fucking thing has gotten to me so much and I realize how much I miss him." I said sighing in contemplation.

"Visit him, talk to him, it may be a sign." He said grinning.

"Yeah, I think I will do that, i'll go round to his, right after the amazing coffee you would have made me." I said back chuckling. He groaned and put his seat belt on.

"On-wards and forwards then." 

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