The Life of a Loner

This is a story of a Lone Elf called Dasiy Mollin that goes on an adventure. You will have to find out what the adventure is though...


1. Start and Part 1

Daisy Mollin was an elf, pure as pure can be. She had a nice life before it. She had friends in her tribe of The Shaded Night, along with family. But one day, all of it changed like how fast it takes for summer to turn into fall.

Dasiy had a terrible day, the worst in the whole world. When she woke up it had been sunhigh, and everyone was sitting around eating their meals. Soon after, when she went out to collect berries she fell into an old fox hole and almost broke her ankle. In the end, the worst was at the Gather. She spoke out of turn in the Gather and she had been wrong. Wrong was never right with these elves. They had banished her! To live alone in the Loner's place, where none of her friends came and everyone fought. She left without saying good bye. She marched to her tree from the Gather and took all of her possesions and she snook some food and herbs for traveling.


Daisy strode along the twisting path muttering under her beath, They are heart-less. They don't deseve me to feed them! She heard the distant yelling of her name. DAISY! DAISY MY LOVE, WHERE ARE YOU?! It was Clove, her 'beloved one' in the eyes of her tribe and in the spirts. I was right!, she thought as she gazed into the clear sky. The spirts are with me, they have come into my being to follow me. To protect me as I pass into this new land.

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