Little Things

This is about a girl, Emily, and she applies for a part in her school play,Romeo and Juliet. When she finds out her crush has the part of Romeo, all she wants is to play Juliet, but when she's up against the most popular girl in the school, Laura, she thinks she has no chance. Or does she...?


1. Emily's P.O.V

Hi, I'm Emily.

I have brown wavish hair and brown eyes, I am quite tall, the tallest of all my best friends in fact.
I have a total crush on this boy in all my classes, his name's Louis, Louis Tomlinson. But the thing is I don't even think he know I exist!

Louis is the popular boy of the school, so there's no surprise if all the girls like him, also, he's in a boy and with 4 other members, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. Their band name is 'One Direction' I think.

I've liked Louis for years now but I've never actually spoke to him. And he hasn't spoke to me, I mean, unless you count 'what time is it?' Or 'what's the answer to number 4' speaking.

Oh god. Look at me, going on about Louis like this! How embarrassing!

My best friends, Rosie, Lauren and Charlotte, know all my secrets, all but this one. My big crush on Louis, his beautiful eyes, the way he makes everyone around him laugh, his, his... Fablous bu- here I go again..

Basically I'm just a normal girl with a crush and still has a lot to learn.. Including things about herself.
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