Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


1. New Beginnings

Madeline's POV:"Haha no it was you who did that!" I laughed with best friend Katie. "No it was you!" She said back while laughing. We were talking about the time we went to Six Flags and one of us went up to a hot guy and pulled down his pants. "I'm pretty sure it was you Katie!" I told her. "I'm shyer then you anyways! I wouldn't be able to do that to a guy. Let alone a hot guy!" "That's true. I guess it was me then." We both started laughing again. We headed to Katie's car to go home. Once at home, we headed to my room in the basement. I saw my little step brother Matt watching TV. "Matt go upstairs and watch tv." I told him. "Make me." He stuck out his tongue. He is 10. Such a pain. "Matt...get upstairs now." "No!" "Matt! Mom and dad told you the basement is my room not yours! So get upstairs!" "Go upstairs or i'll...take away your Xbox." "No! Fine!" He stomped upstairs. Katie was leaning against the wall, amused. "It's always funny when you two fight." She said smiling. "Oh shut up." I play hit her. We went into my room and did, you know, girl stuff. I guess i should tell you what I look like haha. Well I have brown hair and green-brown eyes. I am 5 3' and live in California. Obviously ha. I am adopted. I was adopted when i was a baby so i don't know my real parents. Anyway, Katie and i were talking when i heard the doorbell ring. "Matt get it!!" I yelled up at him. "You get it!" I groaned as Katie followed me upstairs. She stood back a little. I opened the door and 4 men stood there with uniforms on. Looks like they're from...the UK? Maybe? "Um, hello." I said. "Hello. Are you Madeline Carington? One of them asked. "Yes..." I gave a look of confusion. "we have a letter here from the King and Queen." "The king and queen? The US doesn't have king or queens anymore." I said still confused. "Yes. We are aware. The letter is from King and Queen Carington." Carington? That's my last name. I took the letter and unrolled it. It read: Dear Madeline, I know you don't know who were are, but we would like to invite you and a friend if you'd like to London. To our palace. We will explain everything once you get here. And don't worry about air fair, we got it covered! See you soon! Signed, King and Queen Carington. 

"What??" I asked looking at the men. "You leave tonight. A limo will pick you up at 7. Be ready." Then they left. I closed the door. I turned around with my mouth wide open. Katie came up to me. "We're going to London!!" "Yea, but why? Why does the king and queen want to meet me?" I asked. "Well you do have their same last name. Maybe you're related!" I shrugged. I called one of Matt's friends so he could spend the night there and my parents were out of town. Katie went home to pack. I packed as well. At 7, like those guys said, a limo was there to pick us up. We were really excited, but i still wanted to know why i was going. 

In London: We landed, got picked up by another limo and headed to the palace. Once we got there, i've never seen a house i guess you could call it, that big! Holy cow! We followed the guy who was leading us. We stopped at this huge iron gate. Once we got in, through a lot of security, we waited in a room for the king and queen. "I'm nervous." I whispered to Katie. "You'll be fine." She said. A pretty lady and older man entered. I assumed it was the King and Queen. We both stood up and bowed. "Hello your majesties." I said. "Hello your majesties." Katie repeated. "Hello Madeline, Katie." The Queen said. The King bowed his head in hello. "Please, sit down." She gestured to two chairs. We sat. "I'm glad you're here. We've been meaning to meet you." "Oh. Well, i'm here now." I smiled. "Yes you are." She smiled back. "Now, i'm sure you're wondering why you're here." I nodded. "This may be hard to grasp, but.." She trailed off looking at her husband. They both looked at me. "We are your parents." I got wide eyed. :Excuse me?" I asked. "We're your parents, which means..." The king tailed off. "I'm-I'm....a princess." I choked out. They nodded.

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