I've always been fascinated by the paranormal. My adopted parents aren't too keen on anything of that nature though. They're really religious, and they don't believe in anything I tell them. In fact, I'm not really important to them, but they keep me anyway. But I swear, everything changed when the new kid came to my school.

That's when everything changed.

Note - This will contain strong language and violence. If you're not into that sort of thing, please, don't blame me when that occurs in this story. Just stop reading.


1. Laura - RE just got interesting

R.E or Religious Education if you want to be posh, is dull. It's a boring and pointless subject, but because I attend a prestigious strictly catholic school full of swats and churchgoers, this subject is a necessary. It's a joke. However, since I'm the only one with half brain here, every other kid loves the subject.

Well, that's what I assumed up until Friday 13th October. Well, it was a really cheesy date to be honest for everything to change. But it was day that nevertheless.

And I was the only one who put stock in the superstition that Friday 13th was unlucky. Everyone else was waiting on All Hallow's Eve, or Halloween as us normal people know it. And I again was sat at the back of class, with every seat around me empty. I was an outcast. You know how the bible tell you to 'love thy neighbour'? Well these guys only do so when you are exactly like them.

The teachers are similar to the kids in their mentality too.

So I'm stuck here, in this school full of self righteous idiots on my own. All alone without any friends. Well, I was until that day.

"Sir, I believe I'm scheduled for your class now." A voice rung from the doorway, and I looked to see a bedraggled and very damp angel stood in the doorway. Just to clarify, this boy was not actually an angel, but you could excuse the lack of wings. When he was certain everyone was looking at him, he flicked his messy, tangled yet somehow perfect looking black hair out his eyes, and flicked the hazel orbs around the room lazily.

The teacher coughs to draw everyone's attention from the pale angel boy and speaks loudly, snapping the last of the girls out a daydream "Gerard Way? If so, yes, I do have the pleasure of teaching you." He smirked and laughs harshly, openly mocking the teacher with that laugh. And that smirk was so god damn tempting... "I'm sure well get along smashing. I'll take a seat at the back if you do not mind."

"Next to her...?" The teacher said, sparing a glance to reiterrate who he was taking about. Which was me. Angel boy nodded with a grin developing across his face. "Well, they are the only empty seats sir." The teacher growls slightly and nods, and the angel boy sits next to me.

Correction, his name is Gerard. Gerard Way, not angel boy. "So... What's your name outcast?" he asks with a small grin, and I stutter to reply "I'm Laura Grey and I'm not an outcast, my friends aren't from this school and..."

He pressed a finger to my lips, and I went bright red I swear. "Shush... You don't have to lie..." he whispered, and then moved his hands to my right hand, which was gloved. Both my hands were gloved, but I flinched and pushed him away. He let go with a confused expression, but I didn't look long enough to catch anything else.

But even though I never looked up, I could of swore he never lifted his gaze off my right hand.

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