How Breaking Dawn Should Have Ended

This is for the Twilight Fanfic competition.

This is how I think Breaking Dawn (last Twilight book) should have ended. If you have read it then you know there is a lot of build up to a fight and bam! no fight. I found it very disappointing and really let the book down. Also the ending has changed for the film too and if you have seen the trailer you get a glimpse of what might happen.

In this movella I'm going to write different versions of how it should have ended. Please no hate if your favourite character dies and please no hate in general.

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1. Version #1

Bella P.O.V

The Volturi walked slowly towards us. I looked to the side and saw all the vampires we had gathered. I looked to my right and Edward was standing there, staring at the Volturi, most likely picking each of their brains for information. 

"We won't have time get them to listen. They're going to attack." He whispered and passed the news on to the other vampires near him. 

The light bounced off of the snow and our skin showered every space with sparkles. I breathed in. I turned to Jacob and Renesmee. 

"Go, now! Look after her!" I hissed and kissed Renesmee's forehead. 

"Bye, Renesmee." me and Edward said together and Jacob ran off with Renesmee. My eyes pricked as if I was going to cry, but I can't cry. I looked back at the Volturi and saw they were discussing something. They saw Renesmee, and at the moment one of their army ran off after them. I left Edward's side and chased the vampire. This vampire wore a long black cloak and had long shaggy brown hair. 

"No, Bella!" Edward hissed and grabbed my hand. 

"Renesmee!" I replied. "He's going to kill Renesmee!" and I pulled my hand free and at that moment Edward was on his knees in agony. I knew exactly who was doing this to him. Jane. I forced my shield out to protect him and then he was free of pain. I looked to where the vampire was and saw Emmett had ran off already. 

I forced my shield out to protect our witnesses so Jane and Alec couldn't harm us. Then at that moment the Volturi and their guard charged at us. Carlisle nodded at us and we all charged at them together. Suddenly there was vampire flying everywhere and screeches filling the silence. This was it. We're all going to die. I looked to the side and saw Edward fighting Demetri. It looked like he was losing and then someone pushed me to the floor. I jumped up quickly and saw it was Jane. 

"This is pay back for all those times when my powers couldn't hurt you." and her childish grin spread across her lips.

She lunged at me and I jumped out of the way quickly. Then I aimed for her head and her head rolled off of her body and onto the floor. I laughed with joy and looked at Edward to find him on the ground torn into thousands of pieces. Demetri was fighting Jasper now. I screamed in horror and pain ripped through me.

Then a force hit the back of my head and everything went black.

We are all dead. 


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